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Matthew 24:7b

Matthew 24:7b
  • The prophet Zechariah predicted that a great earthquake will divide the Mount of Olives in two when Jesus returns (Zech 14: 3-5). The prophet Isaiah said that the earth will tremble in its place at that moment (Isa 13:13); the prophet Joel said that heaven and earth will tremble (Joel 3:16); and the book of Revelation says that there will be a great earthquake that has never occurred since man exists on earth (Revelation 16:18). skyscrapers and bridges will fall, islands will sink into the sea. Entire mountains will fall to the earth and the house will shatter and fall.
  • BUT WHAT HAPPENS TODAY? In the early 20th century, between 1900 and 1910, there was only one earthquake that measured 6.2 or more points on the Richter scale. Between 1950 and 1960, there were nine. There were already 125 in just five years, between 1990 and 1995. And if you do a search on Google now, you will see that from December 2020 to March 2021 we have 1 gigantic earthquake per month in the world. And each year, scientists say that a "major earthquake" is on the way. (Somewhere in the world, possibly in California, Israel, the fault lines are known, it is unknown when).
  • Various signs are vivid reminders that the Great Tribulation period is approaching. And the fact that these signals are occurring simultaneously makes the event even more certain.
  • There is overwhelming evidence about the occurrence of these things - false christs, wars, famine, pests and earthquakes - that would be difficult for anyone to deny. This evidence requires the most serious consideration possible.
  • God is sending a message to the world every time an earthquake hits the earth. He is using their frequency and increasing intensity for us to say that the Great Tribulation period is approaching and that we need to be prepared for eternity after this life on earth.